31st March 2017. 23.59
Cars BEG 23 [P] 7 and BEG 23 [PT] 12 inch pictures discs found and added.

1st February 2017
David Brooks Exclusive Interview now added.

25th January 2017
BBC Transcription albums moved to its own section plus new USA Transcription albums added courtesy of Stuart Hall.

Obsession CD & DVD added

9th February 2016
New Magaine Sub Menu Added

18th December 2015
Fan club newsletters/yearbooks and Alien Magazines - all pages added to the paperworks section

3 April 2013
Recognition for Nureference from Gary Numan Official.


16th July 2015
TA 1977
Photos taken by photographer Alan Parry in 1979, 1980 & 1983 added to the Galleries section.

22nd December 2014
TA 1977
Exclusive photos taken at the Coventry Kasbah gig in 2008 by David Gover.

22nd September 2014.

4 new galleries courtesy of Brian Challis.

3rd July 2014.

Tour Tickets added under the Tours menu.

TA 1977
Author Paul Goodwin has kindly given us exclusive access to his research into Gary's Tubeway Army gigs in 1977/78.
Check out the Tour Dates page on the Tours section for more info.

TA 1977
10 new photo galleries added.
Check out the Galleries on the Paperworks section for more info.

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